Finding ways to polish the true, raw and unbridled potential
Gem Sourcing

We have completely taken out the middleman in our dealings. This is because honesty is a rare thing to come by in this field and the margins are way too high. This means we can't give you a better deal. There is no point in being needlessly expensive, so we strive to be accurate in our pricing. Now our vast network spreads across the globe and we have direct mine access to find you whatever you need, wherever it may be.

Bespoke Designer Jewellery

One of our great pleasures is bringing a client’s dream to life and watching their face light up with the end result. Truly, we live for it. So if you ever have an idea for a piece of custom made designer jewellery, no matter how wild it may be, we are pretty sure we can make that a reality.


Cutting a gemstone is a fine art that requires a very specific set of skills. It is no easy feat, trust us, we know. That is why we work with world renowned gem cutters and craftsmen who really know how to bring the stone to a whole new light once they cut and polish. It is a matter of envisioning the greatest possible outcome of the precious stone and shaping that vision to life.